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Virtual & Face-To-Face Coaching 

With 20 years as a professional singer, songwriter and music producer, and >15 years as a vocal coach, I can help you transform the way you approach singing so that you finally start to hear a real difference to how you sing.

You will hear or feel a difference to your singing EVERY single lesson.

Every aspiring singer needs a
vocal coach

Here are a few reasons why:

Because it's hard to know how you're really doing.
Would you be able to know what you can't hear?

Your friends and loved ones can give you feedback, but often it's conflicting feedback (or biased feedback because they love you);

Or it's feedback that's not grounded in what really works onstage;

OR they care about you too much to tell you the awkward truth. 

Plus... most people do not have ears trained like professionals to give you the right information.

If you want the truth, ask a professional.


I've only had two lessons with Ms Bevlyn and I already feel like I've improved in leaps and bounds from prior to the lessons.

She is really knowledgeable and does not hesitate to answer any of my questions about singing.

Her explanations are also very concise!

I recommend any aspiring singer to have a lesson with her and see how big a difference she can make!

Joel Zeng

"I just came off my first lesson with Bevlyn and it left me in complete awe!

Firstly, Bevlyn is very nice and patient, a true teacher that gives the right guidance, and actively gives correct direction in technique.

Through just this one lesson, and just through changing my breathing technique, I was able to reach higher notes which I never thought possible before today, AND with such ease too! She took the time to also help me understand the mechanics of a few different techniques so that I was able to implement it correctly.

I still can't believe the results and I can't thank her enough!

I recommend her lessons 150% ! Thanks a million, Bevlyn!"

"I'm amazed at how much singing techniques I was taught in just an hour and how much my singing voice changed in that short period of time.


Bevlyn is a really wonderful singing teacher who is really generous in her teachings like she really want you to sing well. She gives valuable comments and her teachings are also easy to understand.

Thanks Bevlyn and hope to have another lesson with you soon."

Toh Keaira

Lynn Dresel

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Which type of coaching is right for you?


(Both Individual and Group lessons available)

You live anywhere in the
world and want to work

(Email to enquire for more info)

You live in Singapore and
prefer a face-to-face

(Email to enquire for more info)

World Map Edited.png

Whichever part of the world you come from....

I've taught countless people from Singapore, Malaysia, China, U.S.A, France, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Nepal, etc.
... no country is too far with effective virtual vocal lessons!


Sing a song and have your singing abilities instantly analysed for areas you may improve on

Your Perks


Regardless of your age, language you prefer to sing in, goals (recreational or professional), lessons can be customised for your unique needs


Because I'm so confident of bringing you results by the end of the first lesson, I offer money back guarantee!

Because Freedom of Choice and Enjoyment are both as important
More Perks:



Because everyone learns best in different environments, you may opt for individual or group lessons, so that you may learn at your best.



No weekly commitment is required though it is highly recommended for grasping of basic techniques for the first 3 months of lessons.



Nobody likes to be forced to sing songs that they do not resonate with in order to improve singing. Choose the songs you want to excel in and we will work on them together.

Enjoyment is essential!



You do not have to suffer penalty if you can’t make it for the time slot agreed on, either due to Public Holiday or being overseas for work or leisure. You are welcome to arrange and pay for time slots on a lesson basis. 

+ Regular Students Recital

A student showcase performance is organised every year for students to have the opportunity to perform, and exprience performing on a stage to the public

(only for selected students who are ready and have regular lessons)


I just had my first lesson with Bevlyn and in just a short period of time, my questions about singing techniques were explained clearly.

She taught me proper techniques specially breathing which I always get confused and always had doubts if I'm doing it correctly.

The lesson was fun and full of laughter. She is nice, passionate and fun teacher who really knows the craft very well!

I've been a fan of her music and singing for years and I'm thrilled that I'm now taking lessons from her.

Thanks Bevlyn! Looking forward to the next lesson!

- Ernito Orsito


Do You Work With Beginners?

I work with all types of singers. Singers of any background and experiences are welcome as I will work at your level.

Is there an age limit?

No one is too old to learn singing (my oldest is an 80-year-old). There is no upper age limitations, only self-limitations :)

What is the recommended age for my child to learn singing?

I teach actual singing techniques, which also means that children who are too young will find it hard to internalise which muscles to activate/use (I don't teach sing-and-dance kind of lessons). Based on experiences, my personal recommendation is 9 years old and above.

What do I need to prepare for the trial lesson?

Since this is your first lesson learning techniques, the song should ideally
1) be a song that you're super familiar with
2) not have too wide a vocal range
3) or too much falsetto

.... so that it will be much easier for you to work in the techniques while you sing.


How many lessons will I need?

You will hear a difference to how you sing from the trial lesson, and the number of lessons you need will be dependent on your personal satisfaction of how good you'd like to sound :)

Singing is a professional skill, and my students who are looking to master the techniques typically take lessons regularly for at least 2 years. Professional singers also continuously work with vocal coaches to maintain their singing voices.


Do you conduct workshops or programmes?

Yes definitely. I can customise workshops or programmes for corporate or social events. Email me.

Are you ready to put an end to the
confusion, dread, and frenzy of singing
much knowledge? 


All fees are listed in SGD (Singapore Dollar).
I have multiple booking options for your best convenience, please read the instructions below carefully:


--- Singapore Residents ---

may opt to :

1) Pay by Credit Card/ Paypal - Find an available time and book for one at the booking form below - $3 booking fee applies)

2) PayNow/ PayLah /GooglePay /GrabPay - Use the booking form below to book your preferred time slot, THEN PayNow/ PayLah /GooglePay /GrabPay to mobile (+65) 91800 792 within an hour to secure slot.

--- Residents outside of Singapore ---

may pay via the booking form at the end of this page (credit card - Stripe/Paypal)


- if you are on another timezone and is not able to find a suitable slot, please email me at and we can try to find a timezone good for both of us. 

Small prints:
* Fees are the same for both face-to-face and Zoom/Skype lessons
* The time slot you book is secured only upon receipt of payment
* There is $10 off for trial lessons (I only teach children from 9 years old and above because I specifically teach techniques, not songs and dance)
* If it's preferred that I travel to your venue, additional fees will apply
* Please enquire separately for fees to conduct workshops or other vocal programmes

SPECIALS for Singapore Residents

PACKAGE (x 10)

Save $50 when you commit to a package of 10 lessons!

Payment via PayNow / PayLah! / GooglePay / GrabPay


Each lesson will be at $100/hr (ala carte $110/hr)


Please book through the booking form below.

For anyone 9 years old and above

Valid for 8 months

SGD$1000 for 10 hourly lessons


Save $20 when you commit to a package of 4 lessons!

Payment via PayNow / PayLah! / GooglePay / GrabPay

Each lesson will be at $105/hr (ala carte $110/hr)


Please book through the booking form below.

For anyone 9 years old and above

Valid for 5 months

SGD$420 for 4 hourly lessons

SPECIALS for Credit Card Payment


If you are using credit card/ PayPal, please book through the booking form below.

Package (x 4): $432
Each lesson will be at $108/hr (ala carte $113/hr) (Save $20!)
Valid for 5 months

Package (x 10): $1050
Each lesson will be at $105/hr (ala carte $115/hr) (Save $100!)
Valid for 8 months



2-Person Group (1 Hour/Lesson)
Trial & Packages - please book under normal trial & packages below (1 hour per lesson)

3-Person Group (1.5 Hours/Lesson)

Trial - $150

4-Lesson Packages - $630 (valid for 5 months)

10-Lesson Packages - $1500 (valid for 8 months)

4-Person Group (2-Hours/Lesson)

Trial - $200 

4-Lesson Packages - $840 (valid for 5 months)
10-Lesson Packages - $2000 (v
alid for 8 months)

  • Hours can be split up or combined (subject to approval)

  • Lessons are transferrable (to group members or to others)


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