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21 Days Accountability (Voice & Mindset Change)

  • 21Days


21 Days To Make A Habit We all know that 21 is the magic number of days to cultivate a new habit. Join our community to support and remind each other to step into our own light through our voice, and claim a new mindset. *** Where We'll Meet *** For 21 days, you will receive a very simple email from me (every day) detailing an "assignment" to remind you of how you can claim your space as an Introvert in this busy business world. Nothing beats daily reminders for 21 days :) *** What We'll Do *** We will extend beyond the course and do simple executable tasks every day (for 21 days!) to grow and expand with confidence, specifically through our voice, body and mindset. *** Get the VIP Treatment As an added option, you may join a private group on Facebook where you'll get to interact with many other like-minded individuals like you and go through the journey together. Plus, you get to ask me tons of questions for 21 days! ***





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